Tumor markers are a group of proteins, hormones, enzymes, receptors, nucleic acid and other cellular products that are produced in higher than normal amounts (over-expressed) by malignant cells. Such markers are usually normal cellular constituents that are present at normal or very low levels in the blood of healthy persons. Tumor markers with diagnostic value are in great demand as they may play a crucial role in reducing cancer mortality rates by facilitating diagnosis of cancer at early stages and individualizing treatments. Due to the complexity of the different cancer disease phenotypes, there is a consensus that no single biomarker is likely to have 100% sensitivity and specificity for a specific cancer. Instead, combination of testing for several biomarkers, chosen according to extensive scientific and clinical validation, seems to be a promising alternative. OUR EXPERTISE Molecular technology - Unique expertise in RNA biomarkers Array - Using the latest gene expression array technology from Affymetrix Tissue and blood collection - state of-the-art technologies in tissue sample collection, gene/ protein analysis Pathology - human tumor tissue bank for colorectal cancer Data mining -advanced bioinformatics and algorithm analysis using the extensive molecular data generated by our histo-pathological, pre- and postoperative clinical data Validation - using real-time PCR, and immunohistochemistry (IHC) to validate the expression level of single genes (RNA or Proteins) derived from array experiments.